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How to Market Your Used Panty Listings on the Social Media

If you wish to be successful in the worn panties business, you will need to gain many customers and repeat business. To be successful, your listings need to be promoted to let your potential customers know that you exist. One of the best ways to go about selling your worn panties is to register with an established third party website for listing your panties, and then making some efforts to help promote your items to complement the site’s marketing strategy.

Websites such as Worn Fantasy have a good following, they are trusted by buyers for their stringent verification process, and you can enjoy your selling your panties in a safe, secure, and hassle-free manner. Reputable sites such as Worn Fantasy should also be equipped to take care of payments, advertising, and marketing on your behalf. However, if you are looking to scale up things on your own, and get more proactive with your virtual marketing and promotion campaign, you can achieve nice results with social media sites. This is a great place to promote your listing on a third party site.

Why Social Media?
A social media presence ensures that customers are both engaged and reassured of the authenticity of your products. It increases the trust factor, and gives your buyers the impression that you confident in your products and services.
Another important aspect of the social media for marketing your adult-related business is that it builds a circle of influence, where you can interact with other more successful panty sellers and see how they are doing things differently to get more buyers. You can then simply include these tips in your own promotions to replicate their results.

You can acquire tips about how that rock star panty seller engages her audience in a conversation, or how she develops a long-lasting relationship with her customers, or how she develops the credibility to inspire trust in new buyers. This learning can then be very well incorporated in your interaction with potential buyers.

A social network like Facebook has millions of active users, and is available in more than 70 languages. This just means your target audience is using the platform, and need to be tapped by giving them access to information about your product and services.

Social media offers exposure like few other channels. It opens up the window for conversation that is vital when you’re trying to sell something as intimate as your panties to complete strangers. It also breeds a sense of transparency that is hard to find on any other promotional channel. You can predefine your own limit to how much you want to reveal, but overall it’s a good idea to get know your customer base, get them talking, and increase exposure to build your credibility and business.

Show Some Personality
It is important to understand that a staccato email or flyer marketing approach doesn’t always work well in the social media. The social media is a more informal promotional channel for keeping your buyers hooked.

Refrain from falling into the trap of making your posts very formal and business like. Buyers and potential buyers who follow you want to see your personality. They don’t care a lot about what you have (especially in the worn panty business) but more about what you are. The worn panty business works on the buyer getting a whiff your personality. They buy experiences and the aura of your personality, not just the worn garments. It is therefore important that you come across as an attractive, likeable, desirable, and unique personality. Make friendly, informal, and conversational posts that reveal your fun side. Keep them short and sassy. Your buyers will not like to read long winded marketing copy.

The posts need not always be about what you’re selling. Sometimes you can just create witty, conversational and interesting information posts (related to the subject of your potential buyers’ interest) to make your potential buyers like you. They need not see you as a person who’s out to sell all the time, but someone who has an interesting personality and can be bought from over several others. You buyers will want to experience a bit of you through your worn garments. Make yourself irresistible to them. Your followers are chasing a greater personal connection than anything else.

Scheduling Posts
It is crucial to time your posts well if you’re looking to actively market your worn panty business on social media. You might want to go with one post a day at a time when your users are the most active. According to social media experts, the best time to schedule posts for maximum exposure is in the mornings and evenings.

One post a day should be good enough to not make them forget you and yet not overdo it. Barraging your followers with updates every few minutes is going to make them immune to your messages, and will make you come across as a repulsive, in your face salesperson.

Social Media Terms and Conditions
Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the social media site when promoting your adult niche related listings. You may run the risk of being banned if you do not adhere to their terms. Social media sites such as Facebook have a greater family audience image, and hence do not take too kindly to images or language that is too graphic.

How to Boost Your Popularity Initially? 
Whether you’re just starting out in the worn panty selling business or even been doing it for quite some time, you might not get an avalanche of fans, likes and followers for your page. Fans, likes, and followers are a huge indicator for potential fans to judge your popularity, and in turn start following you.
The adult nature of the business will keep some people away from following your online activity. There is always the fear of being judged by their friends and acquaintances for their preferences. Pages of worn panty sellers will seldom get plenty of likes at first instance because few people would like to share the fact that they have a worn panty fetish on a social network.

Many customers want the service to be private and confidential, and hence may buy from you or click on your listing without actually liking your page or posting. In such a scenario, how do you show your fans you are popular? How do you get the likes and followings to inspire the trust of potential buyers?
The answer is simple – Consistently provide good service and interact with your fans. Over time, you will be able to build an organic following of loyal customer who are genuinely interested in your products and services.
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