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  • Name: Mistress Kitty
  • Age: 40
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Cup Size: DD
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
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About Me

I am M1stress K1tty. Are you looking for something personal of Mine? I am a curvy Lady. I am 40 years of age. I am a 36 DDD. So, Yes they are real And, Damn proud of it. I wear a medium in bottoms. (Size 7 or 9 in panties. Size 12 in pants. And, An XL in tops.) I get all kinds of new panties, clothes, and heels to wear all the time. Would you like to have a little some thing of Mine. I have all kinds of shoes, outfits, and toys. I wear a size 8 1/2 up to a size 10 on the shoes style. That, I wear. I make My slaves wear. And, Or Use... My birthday is March the 24th. I do something very special for that month. Items will be sent discreetly packaged envelope. Placed inside a zip lock sealed plastic bag as needed. Along with a handwritten personalized "Thank You" note from Me. All on the item that you do get. If needed package safely.
It is a pleasure to meet you. There is beauty in the power of a Woman. I am a 39 year old experienced Dominatrix, & deeply passionate about domination. I have been in the life style for over 20 years now. I am looking for submissive / slaves. I enjoy Women all shapes, and sizes. I know that for some of you this is all fun & games but for Me this is VERY real. I do believe in Female Supremacy. I live my life as a Mistress. You will call me Mistress Kitty, Your Darkest Twisted Desires Goddess. I do enjoy & welcome gifts. Nothing is free in the world. Deal with it. And, You do not have to be into everything. That, I am into. Looking for a slave that will obey & make Mistress happy. Feel the warmth around you from my skin as I penetrate all of your thoughts, dreams, & desires. You allow that warmth to heat you up into a fire making you feel like you're going to explode. Your heart begins to pound with the excitement of everything. You realize there's something you've got to have, deep inside. You will learn to true meaning of your place. I am your perfect drug. It is an extreme honor for you to be allowed to have My personal items. To have you under my feet screaming mercy. You will not touch your pathetic worm. Unless, I have granted you permission. Let me take you to that higher place of understanding. That place of kinky sexuality. The place of your most extreme fetishes & hottest fantasies. A place to do all the nasty taboo desires of play where norm is the kink & limits are just a label that is just begging to be broken. Now get on your knees & beg for Me &, the opportunity to be my slave. I love very high heels. I love being pampered, spoiled & getting My way a lot. I am deeply passionate about what I do. I am offering the opportunity for you to explore your submissive desires with Me. But, What I get I give in return. I love to get dirty. I love all kinds of seduction, domination, fetishes, & fantasy. That place of kinky sexuality. Do you actually think you're worthy? Share with Me your darkest desires. I want to know all your hottest fantasies. Make all your sweet dreams come true. Nothing is to taboo. All your wanted pleasures that you never knew you ever had. Make you my dirty slut. Fulfilling your desire to serve a Goddess commanding, beautiful, & bold. A Goddess residing in your darkest dreams. Looking for poor lost souls to take, use, & abuse and to quite possibly keep. Serve a Woman that is not only absolutely stunning. But, Also highly intelligent & viciously seductive. You will relinquish your control to be diminished to your Mistress's toy for personal amusement. Take your place at the bottom of my beautiful feet. It is a privilege to serve Me. I want to know that you will devote yourself to Me. How far will you go to earn the privilege of being my pet. I will need to see what makes you worthy. Respect is to be earned. Not Just given to anyone. I am not your wife, sweetie or even your girlfriend. I'm a manipulative Woman posing as your secret desire. I'll wrap you around my fingers, feed into your obsession until you're addicted and take just enough to make you squirm. Begging for more. Come sit at my feet, slave. Tell Me all your secrets. If, you are looking for video or audio. Please, Take the time to write and ask first. Video is extra. And, They are available also. But, Only when you write and ask first.

Thank you,
Mistress Kitty

Phone Dom a Nite Flirt. Join Me. Look Me up: ExoticMistressKitty
Write To Me To Find Out More.

Coming Soon:
Vial Of My Pussy Juice
Vial Of My Spit Or Drool
Vial Of My Pee
Vial Of My Bath Water
Vial Pussy Pubes (Or, Even Cum-Covered Pussy Pubes)
Used Toys (Could Be Used By Me. Or, Used On A Sub. Male Or Female.)
Used Panties
Used Shoes
Used Clothing
Used Stockings
Used Socks
Used Shower Loofah
Used Soap
Used Dental Floss Picks
Used Razor
Used Tampons Or Pads
Pussy / Ass Pops
Foot Candy (Gummy Bears That Have Been Under My Feet)
Booty Crack Candy (Gummy Bears That Have Been Under My Ass)
Toenail Clippings
Lock Of My Beautiful Hair
(Message Me for any special request.)
(If, you are looking for video or audio. Please, Take the time to write and ask first. Video is extra. And, They are available also. But, Only when you write and ask first.)

No Video's at this time.
Thank you.

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Buyer Feedback

posted by Footandpussy for Foot Candy
Always a pleasure to work with.
posted by Anonymous for Vial Of My Pussy Juice
Arrived quickly and tasty
posted by Mikered20o3 for Vial Of My Pussy Juice
Few words got to give this its due, "simply amazing " wow gold fantastic
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