Things to Consider Before Selling Used Panties

There are factors you need to keep in check before you start selling used parties online. Here are some of them.

Verify Customer Age - It is illegal to sell used panties to underaged individuals. Please remember to cross-check whether your buyer is an adult or not before confirming a sale. Making a sale to an underage person is a punishable offense, even if done through an online medium.

Double Check Local Law About Selling Panties - Most countries do not impose any restrictions on selling such items online. However, run a check just to be on the safe side. Check if it is legal to sell panties in your region. This practice is entirely legal in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.

Selling Used Panties Anonymously - If you want to keep your identity a secret be sure to only use sites that maintain your privacy and refrain from sites like Facebook that share your real personal information like pictures, name, age, etc. This business involves shipping and you will need to provide a return address. Never use your home address. Instead, try renting a PO box from the nearest post office to keep your address private. This is the most ideal method as the buyer can't retrace you to the return address provided. Some sellers may also choose to write the buyer's address as the return address.

Don't try to be everything to everyone - Plenty of sellers get stuck doing something that brings them no joy just because they happen to do it well. If you're going to be doing this a long time, make sure that you're doing what brings you pleasure.

Is there a market for what you have to offer? - There are panty sellers and panty selling platforms, so clearly there is a market out there for used underwear sales. But do not fall for marketing clout that tells you are set to make big bucks straight off the bat. Before you become an established seller, there are a lot of obstacles you have to overcome. For instance, there are different marketing strategies you have to try.

Don't get bogged down by mistakes you make. - Most of us have been scammed or learned a lesson the hard way. Fail fast, fail forward and keep going. Don't dwell on things not working out. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.

Experiment - Market new products or services. Sometimes people do not know what they want to buy until they see it advertised and in a good way. It is a trial and error and you will soon find out what people are willing to exchange their hard-earned cash for. Sometimes your ideas suck and sometimes they're gold. Keep putting stuff out there and test your audience.

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