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posted by Dougie66 for FIRST video with a toy I EVER made A must get video love your wet pussy and beautiful asshole. Love that you show your beautiful face so I can see how much your enjoying yourself. I will definitely be buying from you again
posted by kittylicker for Pink lace and sheer back panties Panties were exactly as described. Pixie is amazing as usual.
posted by MAU99 for Red G String OMG... the scent, the taste, the stains UNBELIEVABLE she’s the best! Best video as well🤤🤤
posted by Anonymous for Pantyhose Very happy with this purchase the video she sent was absolutely amazing. Love her sweet sent . Would absolutely recommend her to anyone
posted by Anonymous for White lace panties Superb customer service; Sublime Scent Thank you, Kk Jade!
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request The best video ever
posted by Anonymous for Soft floral cheeky panties First order with seller has provided memorable moments- from charming, innocent exchanges - to blazing fires: Erotic & seductive- that have bordered, very nearly, to spontaneous combustion
Exactly what I hope to find on this extraordinary site
posted by Donsnca for Asian cotton Ovulating panties This was my first order with Worn Fantasy or Mariana and it was perfect.. Mariana responded to my requests perfectly and quickly... The only drawback was slow postal service right now during COVID issues... I will absolutely order from her again and soon!
posted by RushPro for Calvin Klein White Cotton Thong I was skeptical about buying from someone new on this site my holy fuck Velvet Angel smells so sweet and these panties arrived quickly with her moisture still very heavy on the panties. I would recommend Angel all day she has that addictive scent.
posted by stevenep for Black VS boyshorts Very nice seller with an even nicer scent
posted by Anonymous for My pure pussy juice As always, seller provided exceptional customer service
Order arrived in today’s mail, so highly charged with erotic content, that it required a voltage meter to safely open.
Thank you, MarinaA!
posted by dmaxtrucker for Blue Striped Cotton Panties very nice and have a nice smell..would buy from again
posted by grimble for Custom Request Lulu, you're beautiful and your video is amazing - it's just what I wanted and more. I would highly recommend you to anyone else and I'd like to come back to you for more.
posted by Dougie66 for Cumming Twice If you have ever purchased anything from Nora I don’t need to tell you how good it was because you already no. If you haven’t what the hell are you waiting for. Amazing like always Nora.
posted by Anonymous for Pulling Panties Stuffed Inside All Day Love this video
posted by Dougie66 for Floral panties Very nice thanks Rain
posted by Dougie66 for Lavender panties Awesome thank pixie
posted by RushPro for Two minute teaser This woman is a goddess. If you have not purchased from Nora yet, you are def missing out.
posted by Dougie66 for White Seanless One Size Thong Very happy with my purchase best video ever and the panties were amazing love her sent . Definitely will buy from her again
posted by RodC23B for Dirty and super creamy Spectacular
posted by RodC23B for Custom Request One of my first orders on WF site was with Marina
That experience was extraordinary
And this- my 2nd order- has already eclipsed the first
Because the bar was so much higher
Didn’t matter/
Seller delivered another Wow!-Factor
Truly exceptional
posted by RodC23B for My pure pussy juice Truly exceptional
posted by Dougie66 for Both holes Simply the best
posted by Anonymous for Cotton hipster panties Seller provided a buying experience that was transcendent.
Exceeded expectations- both for the quality, and the quantity- of add on orders
As for the delivered order, which arrived a day ahead of USPS tracking: it surpassed expectations that were already exceeded!
So securely wrapped, it required a full 5 minutes to carefully to free the precious contents. When I beheld them, what happened next, I swear by:
Time and the world came to a complete Stop/ it was the Day the Earth stood Still
posted by eldiablo72 for Fruity panties Pixie is an absolute sweetheart, correspondence is easy & attenitve.. All I can say is, Pixie made it feel fun & personal. Thats sumtin kinda special to me..
posted by Anonymous for Orange Nylon Bikini A wonderful experience with the Seller - she provided so much more than merely fulfilling my order
Immeasurable, really
posted by Anonymous for VS cheekster Awesome service
posted by Anonymous for Victorias Secret PINK tie dye thong Not likely will I know
A springtime scent
As Velvet soft & sweet
As the glorious smell
That in this dampened garment dwells
posted by RushPro for A little anal Everything about Nora is perfect! The scent is intoxicating, her ass smells so sweet. Have not purchased from anyone else on this site since I found her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Trust me she does not disappoint.
posted by Anonymous for Grey Bikini Very happy
posted by Anonymous for Geometric PINK panties Awesome will be back very nice
posted by Anonymous for Vs lacy leopard panties To say that I’m pleased with my order, and the customer service the seller provided- from acceptance to completion- falls short of expressing my satisfaction

A wonderful experience, mine was.
In this crazy panty fantasy world, with wares for trade, and kinky, off the charts ‘add Ins’, and other sundry stuff,
Pixie Rocks
posted by stevenep for Cool cat panties Always my favorite seller to buy from. She provides amazing service
posted by Anonymous for Spit sexy
posted by Dougie66 for Pleasuring myself after a long day Love everything about you
posted by Anonymous for Semi Scat panties Very satisfied will definitely buy from her again
posted by Anonymous for Fingering Pussy In The Coffee Shop If you can’t get off watching her your on the wrong site
posted by Anonymous for Cute g string Absolutely the best awesome videos can’t get enough of her sent love that pussy
posted by Anonymous for Plaid vs panties Very pleased got what I asked for and on time plus much more on top of that. A true treasure absolutely will recommend to anyone.
posted by Dougie66 for Magentaaa If you’re not sure who to buy from you need not look any further.Nora is as good as it gets both her videos and her amazing sent. Take a walk on the wild side.
posted by Anonymous for Black & White Thong w Lace Wonderful experience with the seller, who provided remarkable customer service, especially during this time of uncertainty
They could have been turquoise, aqua, cyan, or aquamarine; by any other name, they would smell as sweet
But not so special as the color she selected: the color she wore, the color, to me, she sent
And they do bear a sweetness, the Teal do- along with a dozen - other- captivating scents
..But that’s barely a fraction of all this garment holds/
The untold portion that is so resonant I can feel it in the hold of my hand
posted by Dougie66 for Masturbating on my couch to you She is absolutely must buy from this girl
posted by Anonymous for White Cotton Haynes Bikini Item arrived in today’s mail- as seller said it would
The white cottons, I selected for this order, bear the evidence of extended wear: marked in a rich palette of stains and skids
& infused with a dizzying array of profound odors
In summary: they are highly charged and informed with erotic content
My ordering process with PKW was interactive- using the message board
And with regard to customer service: superlative
posted by Dougie66 for Satin String Bikini Wow!! You’re sent is absolutely amazing.Will definitely buy from her again
posted by Dougie66 for Dirty Panties With Skids Great video super sexy woman
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request Professional, courteous, and communicative
posted by Anonymous for Satin Thong When I released the black satins from the bondage of the plastic bag they were sealed in-tightly wound & securely wrapped in packaging tape-I was enveloped in a strong, yet inviting odor: evocative, seductive, combustive
Dampened and warm, as if just liberated from the seller’s hips
And infused with a range of scents that left me in a state of aromatic rapture
This order represents everything that I hoped to find on worn fantasy
PKW promised that I would be satisfied
And I am- & Much much more
posted by Anonymous for Cute blue rainbow thong Item was perfect, communication was excellent, very sweet. Would do business with again
posted by Dougie66 for Squirting 3 times during anal She is absolutely amazing.A must watch video.Cant wait to get her panties l just ordered
posted by deborahschaner for Custom Request more than Amazing experience i love very much !
posted by Anonymous for My pure pussy juice Phenomenal!
Sweet Pungency, thy name is MarinaA
Fulfilled and surpassed expectations in every category, she did- delivering my order under these difficult circumstances.
More than satisfied!
posted by Dougie66 for Anal panty stuff Very sexy great body
posted by Anonymous for Fruit Of The Loom Mens White Cotton Bri Quality service. Really takes her time to ensure you receive the best product in this market.
posted by Dougie66 for high waisted Black Lace Way better then I was expecting. I will definitely buy from Flowers again
posted by RushPro for Green & Pink Lacey thong Perfect as always.
posted by Anonymous for Wet Myself Panties Amazing!
posted by Anonymous for Plaid Aeropostale panties Very sweet, timely, and professional. We had an issue with a video upload being corrupted and she immediately looked into it and fixed the situation (and more). Would definitely do business with again
posted by madhatterdrummr for Stars & moons thong I know its not your fault, but could you send me a little extra, for the month wait?
posted by Anonymous for Masturbating on my couch to you This girl is soooo fucking sexy and her scent is out of this world.
posted by Anonymous for Clothing package with jewelry and purse Coralyn did a great job as always. I was really pleased and I always get my packages quick.
posted by Anonymous for Cute ruffle zebra panties Awesome service
posted by Anonymous for CammiCams Black Tanga Panty Excellent service from a wonderful sexy lady. I will most certainly use Cammi Cams again with some extra extras next time...mmmm! Shipped expeditiously with no surprises and I can't wait for our next intimate encounter )(
posted by steve7419 for Rawrr Well loved Dinosaur Panties Awesome service
posted by Ronnie for Colorful satin fullback panties This video was very sexy had me turned on right away ,Coralnjewel you are perfect I wish that was my face you were grinding on I hope you will do this again think you I love the video again very happy think you sexy Coralnjewel....sincerely..Ronnie
posted by Anonymous for CammiCams Dark Blue Thong Great service. Would buy from again in a heart beat
posted by Anonymous for Sheer Back Orange Thong Awesome service. Will buy from again for sure
posted by Anonymous for Vs sweater thong Pixie is amazing, she goes above and beyond expectations and caters to her customers. Sexy as ever, I’ll be back!
posted by Jt502496 for Cammicams - Pink Striped G-string This was my second order with CammiCams. In the video from my first order, I noticed how playful she was, so on this order I got a longer video and the striptease. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. What CammiCams delivered was one of the sexiest videos I’ve ever seen. After watching the video, I could hardly wait for the panties to arrive. They were just as awesome as the first pair I bought from her.
posted by Revan24 for Basic gray panties Just got them today, absolutley love them!!!
posted by breth for Cute mouse panties Always going the extra mile
posted by Tigerland for Black Lace V_11 is the best. Never fails to deliver an exceptional pair of panties. Her aroma is intoxicating and the videos are first class. Thank you so much :)
posted by Paka for Basics Nora is a real sweet heart. Even before I placed my order, she was so nice and openly communicated with me. She is so understanding why I’m here and delivered exactly what I needed. During the wear time she updated me the status of the order. Her video is very sexy and although I haven’t given her instruction about it, she has done what I expected from her and it is on 1080p. I’m so happy about her and she has done a genuine honest job for me. I’m sure she would do it for anybody. I love the appearance of the panty and her natural aroma. She has gone an extra mile to please her client.

Hey guy, if you are here to enjoy a dirty panty from a young sexy chick, please do not waste your time. Contact this sweet angel Nora, she will never disappoint you.

Thank you very much Worn Fantasy for your valuable service.
posted by Anonymous for Astro Perfect!
posted by Jt502496 for CammiCams Classic Black Thong This was my first purchase from CammiCams, and it won’t be the last. Very professional and first class all the way. Worth every dollar.
posted by Anonymous for Floral neon The best seller on this site hands down.
posted by dmaxtrucker for VS Lace GString they feel good smell good all around great will buy from again
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request She’s the best . Omg
posted by Anonymous for Vs mostly naughty thong Sweet pussy !
posted by Tigerland for Black cotton boy brief SinnamonSugar knows how to prepare panties! They are awesome and the videos are the best. Thank you 💌
posted by Anonymous for Blue love Easy to start craving Nora's sweet ass smell.
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request I'm thirsty for Nora...She always satisfies.
posted by Tigerland for VS yellow and pink low rise Flower is beautiful. She's delivered over and above. Everything plus more. And an intoxicating scent. Thank you. :-)
posted by Tigerland for VS Blue Leopard Print String Bikini JessieJames is awesome! My panties arrived exactly as I had ordered them. She is amazing. Thank you. :-)
posted by Tigerland for Red Striped Thong The Red Striped Panties I received today are truly magnificent. Your aroma is beautiful. Thank you so much. I am one happy camper.
posted by Anonymous for Pink white and black cotton thong again great dirty panties from a great seller !
posted by Anonymous for Beige tiny thong just got them and were still damp when I opened them. just want everybody to know that this seller delivers more than what is asked. great job Carolyn!
posted by Anonymous for Random pair of panties or thong great experience with this lady all the way through, I will be doing more business with pixi as long as she sells panties!!!!
posted by Anonymous for 13 Selfies - Naked same pics a lot
posted by eldiablo72 for Dark brown & lace panties Pixie is the best..I just love this gal..
posted by Anonymous for Pink Heart Panties PussyKatWet....damn she is so hot and her scent drives me wild! Try her-you'll like her.
posted by RushPro for Red polka dots Perfect. I would def recommend Nora.
posted by Anonymous for Green lace panties No scent at all.
posted by Jericho for Cotton Hipsters Purple Grey Flower always delivers much more than I expect! She is amazing, sexy and fun to work with. As a repeat customer I highly recommend experiencing what this sweet Flower can give to you.
posted by Anonymous for My first nudes Wow! Amazing first!!
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request So sexy as always 😘
posted by Blick513 for Yellow silky lace trim fullbacks Thank you. Always nice!
posted by HappyBunny for Pink & white striped panties Probably the best seller on here! Takes extra special care of her customers.
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request Simply amazing
posted by Blick513 for Sexy Striped Thong w Lace Super sexy~ on that beautiful Booty! Wow!
posted by petel for Lavender Bikini Panties All good, love it.