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posted by bartelslogan51 for VS Hipter Cotton Panty 🤤🤤🤤🤤 thank youuu
posted by bartelslogan51 for Cozy Socks Thank youu sweetheart
posted by Blick513 for Lilac Straps and Kitty Juice Perfect! Your video was awesome!
posted by Anonymous for Creamiest pair in awhile Mind-blowing! Always superb!
posted by dmaxtrucker for Cotton Thong- VS they feel good and smell good
posted by eldiablo72 for Strappy spandex panties Beautiful, sexy & a true sweetheart. Pixie really is the best.
posted by Anonymous for Strap Maroon Panties I wish I could give three thumbs up for Evyn! Her scent is like a little drop of heaven. Mind-blowing! Also, very nice and attentive and professional. Stunning model!
posted by Blick513 for Black Nylon Thong Those were great! wow- Size Small even!
posted by Blick513 for Pink With Black Spots Thong Wow, thank you for those custom panties. Very Pleased!
posted by Dougie66 for Basic CottonBikini Panty Absolutely amazing highly recommended.I will be a repeat customer for sure
posted by Anonymous for Calvin Klein Gray Thong Thank you sweetie they smell great ans hot video and pictures
posted by Anonymous for Slay My creamy panties Holy God! Amazing!
posted by JAMES for Soft White Fullbacks Working with her is so easy, and her products are fucking amazing!!!
posted by 1hardthing for Little Girl Wednesday Briefs Amazing custom video and damn fine smelling panties. I will be a future customer for sure
posted by Anonymous for Dirty Cheekies Holy God, Lynz smells divine! Absolutely intoxicating.
posted by Anonymous for NikkiNevada Cellphone Masturbation 4 Showing the pussy will be arousing. One star okay for now
posted by SWholo for Custom Request Amazing
posted by Anonymous for Hanes Cotton Bikini Cut Panty Amazing aroma! The item arrived vacuum sealed and in perfect shape. Definitely recommend!
posted by Anonymous for VS Dream Angel PantyCheekini Very excellent. Would most certainly work with ag
posted by Anonymous for How Wet I Get Masturbate video was awesome. Great job! Lovin it
posted by Anonymous for Purple Patterned My gosh one night worn the scent aroma was real, very arousing addictive. I love it, perfect size for me. Coz i worn them when the scent is gone. Happy buyer...
posted by Dougie66 for Anal buttplug So sexy beautiful pussy and asshole
posted by Dougie66 for Yummy smelling creamy Asian panties Always amazing
posted by Xavier for Skimpy Tan And Blue Panties Amazing! Flower is the girl to go to for lovely photos, seductive videos, and delicious panties! Arrived ahead of time and in great shape!
posted by Anonymous for Heather Grey Calvin Klein Awesome gal give her a try you won’t be disappointed
posted by VictorianLad195 for Custom Request Thank you Sinn you always do more than I hope for hugs
posted by Anonymous for Motorcycle panties Very pleased, what a girl! Mmmmmmmm..!!
posted by Anonymous for Tiny grey thong panties What a hottie. She did a fantastic job in the videos. Exactly what I asked. What a great smell on her panties mmmmmmm.
Don't miss out ordering from her guys. Thank you Arabella:)
posted by Anonymous for Ovulation panties sent still wet Seller’s attention to detail, and care of packaging, provides highest standard of quality assurance.
Truly exceptional
posted by eldiablo72 for MTV panties So good, so sexy, so satisfied.
posted by eldiablo72 for Red bow panties Super sweet & sexy, Pixie is the best. Once again, pleased by Pixie
posted by Anonymous for Pure White Thong In the engaging manner of her text communications, her unwavering attention to details, and the extra lengths she took to satisfy my order, seller provided a positive experience in every aspect of the transaction.
Truly Exceptional
posted by Anonymous for Yellow Thong Seller met and/or exceeded my expectations through every phase of our transaction
She abides by the highest standards of excellence, does Rio Aubade
posted by Anonymous for Blue Lace Panties Masturbation Drawn to the subtle, seductive charm of her lace blue panties- which provided the thinnest of cover -for the searing erotic content of Rio Aubade’s video: evocative, provocative, & Hot Hot HOTTT!!!
posted by Anonymous for Animal Print Thong Rio is completely amazing, did something very special for a!
posted by Anonymous for Blue Lace Panties Most extraordinary
Seller’s commitment to meeting my expectations (by exceeding them) and quality assurance of her product (the blue lace arrived in a vacuum sealed enclosure- their dampened, evocative condition -freighted with erotic content, and freshly preserved if they had just been liberated from her svelte thighs & hips) made this a Panty Fantasy Nonpareil
posted by Anonymous for Black Classic Thong Victorias Secret I Love this girl and how fucking freaky she is willing to be. Trust me you do not want to pass this scent up at least try it once you will be hooked she is divine.
posted by Anonymous for FIRST video with a toy I EVER made Delectable
posted by Anonymous for Elephant Panties Extraordinary
posted by VictorianLad195 for Custom Request Thank you Sinn for the great photos you always do more than you need and such a pretty and sexy lady.
posted by Anonymous for Pink checker panties This is my girl! She really takes care of me!
posted by Dougie66 for Affordable Asian panties picked by me Amazing like always
posted by Anonymous for 2 day wear Only 30 tokens Sensational!
posted by Anonymous for Reserved Seller provided a Fantasy experience which I will always treasure.
Truly Exceptional
posted by Anonymous for Hello kitty panties Good isn’t enough to describe Pixie’s scent, such a great product, will be buying again
posted by Anonymous for Blue High Waist Undies A WF exchange like no other
Received Seller’s worn item today- this experience is too sublime for words
posted by VictorianLad195 for Custom Request The prettiest lady on this site and super happy with the order Thank you so much
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request This is my Jaw Dropping response, barely 4 minutes into Sellers 10 minute video:
posted by Anonymous for Calvin Klein Heart Panties Seller provided a fantasy encounter that was, and remains, by equal measure
Sensually sublime
Erotically combustible
posted by Anonymous for Cotton Light blue thong Not my scent that I enjoy...eeww
posted by Anonymous for Baby Pink Victorias Secret Briefs Seller delivered a compelling performance in the theatre of High Erotic Art
The article of clothing I selected, together with its complementing video, engaged my 5 senses
Taking me on a Fantasy experience like no other
posted by Anonymous for Victorias Secret Strap Bikinis Best pair of panties I have received from this site.
posted by Anonymous for Set of old underwear Easily the most friendly person on here. And thats not even counting that its the best deal ive seen on here to. wonderful
posted by Anonymous for 3 day Wear Checkered panties Delicious as always but "forgot to mail it" for a week or so and I wanted more...I think the extra time getting to me affected the product. Make it up to me?
posted by Anonymous for Cute Hearts Calvin Klein Thong Such a sweet scent she is perfect....
posted by Anonymous for Calvin Klein Thong Lulu smells so sweet.
posted by Anonymous for Plain Beige Panties Phenomenal
Seller turned Plain Beige into BadBaby’s BeigeBreakingBad/
She took me from the metric chart to the Erotic chart to the Seismic chart to Off the Charts
Pret’ near broke in half, they are; every one of those dang charts
And that Erotic one? Caught Fire & melted
Just the same as my pants
Glory be
posted by Billy88 for Hour Long Pvt Show So dang tokens spent..thanks love
posted by Anonymous for Comfy thong Nice sexy smelly thong. Thanks!
posted by Anonymous for Reserved Yellow Lace Thong Un arome si Precieux que de sa culotte jaune expirez
Et sa video complementaire sans comparer
Distingue Miss KaitiB dans la categorie speciale:
Vendeur le plus rare
Vraiment exceptionnel
posted by Anonymous for Currently wearing Amazing experience
posted by psymonsaid for CammiCams Hot Pink Thong so amazing!
posted by psymonsaid for Cammicams Purple Thong love them
posted by Anonymous for Study Material Simply amazing. Above and beyond, will be coming back again
posted by milfpornstar for Nice Slow Sensual Masturbation and JOI very nice ..
posted by Knightrider87 for Pussy Pink G String Thank you! Great experience! Very sexy!
posted by Anonymous for Pink Cotton Thong From the start, I was
-By her charm, in part
But more so by her direct manner
From the start. the seller won me over
And, when, at the end
With my eyes
Her pink cottons first unveiled
With my nose
Her sensual scent detect
At the end I knew
That such as this
Was Rare enough
That by her badness
By & bye
BadBaby brought me Good
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request Personalized video provided sizzling Hot Erotic context to Ultra Sensual Content of my Panty order
Seller’s customer service rating: Off the Charts!
Thank you, Miss Eva!
posted by Anonymous for Satin String Bikini Sellers enthusiasm, engaging manner, and attention to customer service, made this experience truly exceptional.
posted by RodC23B for Peek-a-boo Seller exceeded expectations in every category
posted by Anonymous for Semi Scat panties Addicting!
posted by Anonymous for 2 Pee Bottles 2 Cum Vials Thanks you as always Mariana I am going to place another order with you soon ❤️😊!
posted by Dougie66 for Pink Striped Cotton Panties The pair of panties I got are absolutely amazing. Strong beautiful sweet sent just a beautiful smelling pussy. If you haven’t bought from her you should
posted by RushPro for Custom Request I'm almost speechless how intense and absolutely perfect the custom made video I just received from Velvet Angel is... you cannot find this on the major porn sites. She is without a doubt the entire package of prefect body, intense sweet honey and nectar smelling asshole, and she has an innie which is just the icing on the cake. The video was 10 minutes long and she said some freak shit that had me in another zone. Mix that with a pair of her dirty panties and it's a piece of heaven she is perfect. I would recommend Velvet__Angel over all the other models I have purchased from on this site. She smells the best, looks the sexiest, and totally satisfies each and every time. Quick response time and got me a custom video in less than 24 hours, I will 100% be back again and again for more.
posted by Anonymous for Grey Calvin Klein Thong Perfect as always
posted by Anonymous for Burgundy Calvin Klein Ovulation Panties Seller delivered exactly what she advertised
posted by Anonymous for VS 100 silk thong Seller’s rigor to pre-mailing protocol- preserving the article I ordered in its freshest, dampened state- sets the bar for the highest Standards of quality assurance on the WF site
Thank you, Miss Flower
posted by Dougie66 for FIRST video with a toy I EVER made A must get video love your wet pussy and beautiful asshole. Love that you show your beautiful face so I can see how much your enjoying yourself. I will definitely be buying from you again
posted by Anonymous for Old Stained Up White Panties The Garden of Eden couldn’t measure to the enticing, evocative, erotic bouquet of scents
That were, from these well worn whites, released
Setting Fire to Primal appetites
Awakening long dormant Desires
posted by kittylicker for Pink lace and sheer back panties Panties were exactly as described. Pixie is amazing as usual.
posted by MAU99 for Red G String OMG... the scent, the taste, the stains UNBELIEVABLE she’s the best! Best video as well🤤🤤
posted by Anonymous for Pantyhose Very happy with this purchase the video she sent was absolutely amazing. Love her sweet sent . Would absolutely recommend her to anyone
posted by Anonymous for White lace panties Superb customer service; Sublime Scent Thank you, Kk Jade!
posted by Anonymous for Custom Request The best video ever
posted by Anonymous for Soft floral cheeky panties First order with seller has provided memorable moments- from charming, innocent exchanges - to blazing fires: Erotic & seductive- that have bordered, very nearly, to spontaneous combustion
Exactly what I hope to find on this extraordinary site
posted by Donsnca for Asian cotton Ovulating panties This was my first order with Worn Fantasy or Mariana and it was perfect.. Mariana responded to my requests perfectly and quickly... The only drawback was slow postal service right now during COVID issues... I will absolutely order from her again and soon!
posted by RushPro for Calvin Klein White Cotton Thong I was skeptical about buying from someone new on this site my holy fuck Velvet Angel smells so sweet and these panties arrived quickly with her moisture still very heavy on the panties. I would recommend Angel all day she has that addictive scent.
posted by stevenep for Black VS boyshorts Very nice seller with an even nicer scent
posted by Anonymous for My pure pussy juice As always, seller provided exceptional customer service
Order arrived in today’s mail, so highly charged with erotic content, that it required a voltage meter to safely open.
Thank you, MarinaA!
posted by Anonymous for Satin String Bikini Item arrived in today’s mail, laden with signature scent: evocative and strong; and bearing a forceful pungency -so sharp as to require safety gloves
Wonderful experience with the seller
posted by dmaxtrucker for Blue Striped Cotton Panties very nice and have a nice smell..would buy from again
posted by grimble for Custom Request Lulu, you're beautiful and your video is amazing - it's just what I wanted and more. I would highly recommend you to anyone else and I'd like to come back to you for more.
posted by Dougie66 for Cumming Twice If you have ever purchased anything from Nora I don’t need to tell you how good it was because you already no. If you haven’t what the hell are you waiting for. Amazing like always Nora.
posted by Anonymous for Pulling Panties Stuffed Inside All Day Love this video
posted by Dougie66 for Floral panties Very nice thanks Rain
posted by Dougie66 for Lavender panties Awesome thank pixie
posted by RushPro for Two minute teaser This woman is a goddess. If you have not purchased from Nora yet, you are def missing out.
posted by Dougie66 for White Seanless One Size Thong Very happy with my purchase best video ever and the panties were amazing love her sent . Definitely will buy from her again
posted by RodC23B for Dirty and super creamy Spectacular
posted by RodC23B for Custom Request One of my first orders on WF site was with Marina
That experience was extraordinary
And this- my 2nd order- has already eclipsed the first
Because the bar was so much higher
Didn’t matter/
Seller delivered another Wow!-Factor
Truly exceptional